Marjan Miloshevski


Marjan Miloshevski

His musical education began in the youngest age playing accordion until his 14th year, later in high school on the recommendation of Prof. P. Trajkovski began to learn the bassoon, which was its primary instrument.

Associating with the bassoon in the first years, successes one after another, performances at public classes, competitions, and in 1996 Graduation Recital for  him was a first attempt at solo playing.

The studies are continuing at the Faculty of Music in Skopje,in the class of the prof. P.Trajkovski. The faculty view on bassoon, chamber music and orchestra receive new meaning and weight,made a numerous performances with the symphony orchestra, chamber ansambles, in 1999 ,he plays the first solo recital, within the Musica Viva at FMU.

He was selected twice, as one of the best student in instrumental class, to perform with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra.

He starts his first professional beginnings with the chamber orchestra of modern music Hagia Sophia,with  which performs at the Ohrid Summer Festival,and  Days of Macedonian Music.

Continuing further, he became a member of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. In 2000 guest in the Opera in Tirana, Albania.

After graduating, he enrolled in Masters Degree on the Faculty of Music in Skopje. Characteristic of recitals which were performed as a part of the studies, is that the works were performed for the first time in  the Republic of  Macedonia.

At The Masters’ School in Dubrovnik 2002, met several managers in the field of classical music, they noticing his interpretation of concerts in Dubrovnik and offer him several offers of cooperation, including the orchestra of contemporary music, SONEMUS. With SONEMUS has realized numerous concerts in the Balkans and other European centers.

In 2003 he performs with the Symphony Orchestra of the Music Academy as a soloist in” Mozart Evening”. Later SONEMUS leaving for Switzerland where they work in the National Theatre in Winterthur and have more important concert tours. Thate same year 2003 Master degree, on the subject  “Interpretation of the bassoon.”

In 2004 established Music Workshop Ad Libitum which had more chamber character, and worked with – Woodwind quartet and Bassoon quartet.

In 2005 performed a recital – Sonata Evening, Bassoon and Piano Duo, with pianist Marija Vrshkova.

Still actively working in several chamber ensembles as Artus Act, Skopje Woodvind Quintet, Chamber Orchestra of Opera and Ballet,Woodvind Quintet of MOB,Opera Trio, and others. He is currently employed at the mob as first bassoonist and Professor at Faculty of Music in Skopje.

Miloshevski is bassoonist of the newer generation who successfully performed works from the old Masters, but follows the latest directions of Classical Music.