International Competition “Davorin Jenko”

International Competition “Davorin Jenko” in the last sixteen years has attracted the attention of both Serbian and foreign musical population with its traditional, yet open attempt to reconcile the clashes between the and flexible attitude towards music and its traditional and modern approach with the appearance of artists of all ages, education and interests.

More than 6000 competitors from Serbia and abroad (Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Russia, Austria, France, Ukraine, Hungary, Montenegro and other countries) that took part in the competition during the last five years, the jury of experts made up of distinguished pedagogues and performers from Serbia and abroad (Germany, England, China, Austria, Ukraine, Slovenia, Russia, Spain, Great Britain…), the welcoming attitude of the hosts and the specific manner of awarding speak highly of the organisation and content of this competition. The quality of conditions the organisers provide for the visitors and competitors guarantee a pleasant stay in one of the most beautiful cities in this part of Europe. It was the organisers’ intention from the very beginning to make this competition an unforgettable and comprehensive artistic and social experience.

Application for Piano solo and Piano duo until December 31st, 2019.

Application for Wind & Chamber until January 31st, 2020.

Jury Piano / Piano duo

Junior, a, b
Igor Lazko (France)
William Fong (UK)
Milica Vasiljević-Bisenić (Serbia)
Daniel Oto (Croatia)
Dušanka Gavrilović (Serbia)
Junior c, d, e
Igor Lazko (France)
William Fong (UK)
Natalia Trull (Russia)
Nataša Veljković (Austria)
Dejan Sinadinović (Serbia)
Pedagoski muzej
Ruski dom
Centar za kulturu