Andrea Zivkovic


Andrea Zivkovic

Andrea Živković (1987) was born in Kotor (Montenegro). She received her undergraduate and secondary music education at The School for Music Arts (ŠOSMO) Vida Matjan in Kotor in the class of prof. Jasminka Terzić and asst. prof. Žane Lekić. She graduated in Belgrade at The Academy of Fine Arts in the class of prof. Ljubiša Jovanović at which she earned her master’s degree from the Academy of Music (University of Montenegro) in Cetinje.

During her studies, she won numerous awards, among which are: Award at the International Competition in Barletta (Italy), Award at the International Competition ‘Davorin Jenko’ (Belgrade) and the Award at the Republic Competition (Bar), etc.

She attended master classes with distinguished professors like: Davor Bušić (Croatia), Giovanni Mareggini (Italy), Karol Maročik (Serbia), Janoč Balint (Hungary), Sandrine Francois (France), Jean Michel Varache (France), Peter Lucas Graf (Switzerland) ). She is a member of the Thalia Quartet (founded in 2007), Kotor Brass Band (since 2011) and the Operosa Orchestra (since 2015).

She has been working in education as a teacher since 2008 at the Vida Matjan School of Elementary and Secondary Music Education, where he holds the position of Head of the Department for wind instruments.

She is one of the founders of the NGO Flute Art (2016) which, as part of its activities, has hosted eminent flute professors such as Peter-Lukas Graf, Felix Renggli, Dejan Gavrić,.